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I myself have tried it all. I have been on liquid diets, low fat, not fat, low carbs, no carbs, low protein, no protein diets etc… I even became a vegetarian and removed all animal protein and dairy products with no success.  

With my program I can help you achieve your weight management, wellness and nutrition goals with proven techniques. The same proven techniques that helped me loose and maintain my 50 pound weight loss. I never looked or felt better.

No embarrassing weigh-ins, no prepackaged, bagged, boxed or canned food, just real food that you can prepare at home. I can show you how to prepare wholesome, nutritious and delicious meals that the entire family will enjoy.

You will never be alone. With my program I am available by phone or email. I am always there for you throughout the program.

You will never feel hungry on my program. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle change. This is not a fad. I do not exclude or disallow the three important macronutrients from your meal plans such as lean protein, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids as well as fluids to hydrate your body.

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To Your Health!

Why are so many of us running on empty, always tired, no energy, feeling sluggish mentally and physically!

Why are so many of us unable to deal with life's stressors! Why are so many of us overweight or obese! Why are so many of us dealing with heart disease! Why are so many of us becoming type two diabetics! What is more disturbing is that we are getting sicker and sicker earlier on in life!!!

We are overfed and undernourished which is contributing to heart disease, diabetes, depression, stress, etc… Is your lifestyle contributing to the way you feel?

Its no secret. We eat too much, we eat too much of the wrong foods, we do not exercise, we do not get enough quality sleep, we lead stressful lives etc… and when our bodies fail us we do not understand why! I can help!

Sick of feeling sick and tired! I encourage you to browse through and see what I can do to make your life a healthier and more productive one.

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A Healthier Tomorrow Starts Today!  What Are You Weighting For?

It’s Spring, Get Up And Move!

Hypokinetic disease! The Couch Potato Syndrome

Simply stated Hypokinetic disease is a disease or condition that is related to or caused by chronic physical inactivity and poor fitness. The term first originated in the book Hypokinetic Disease (Kraus & Raab, 1961).

As unbelievable as it sounds, 70% of our population have some type of hypokinetic disease such as cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancer, low back pain, obesity, adult onset (type 2) diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, mental health, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

If so how can we stop or reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle!

A sedentary lifestyle is actually so detrimental to your health. Coupled with high levels of stress, a lifestyle full of inactivity is a great way to hasten the process of declining health, ultimately leading to an early death.  In our current society, physical labor has been overtaken by predominantly intellectual tasks. This new lifestyle, however, may be drastically increasing your risk for adverse health risks.

Research from the American College of Cardiology has previously shown that sitting can be as deadly as smoking. When sitting for long periods of time, the body goes into something known as ‘storage mode’. While in this mode, the body stops working as effectively as it should. This is the primary reason that prolonged sitting has been linked to a number of conditions including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and even early death.

In addition, researchers from the University of Missouri have shown that sitting for long periods of time also increases your risk of diabetes, obesity, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The researchers noted that going from highly active (taking more than 10,000 steps a day) to inactive (taking less than 5,000 steps per day) is enough to increase your risk of type 2 diabetes. This is just one reason to partake in the simplest exercise there is – walking. Walking can have profound benefits on your health, acting as a fantastic exercise for both weight control and mindful relaxation.

In the United States Hypokinetic conditions are the cause of 40% of back problems.

So what can we do to slow down the effects of Hypokinetic disease!

If you work in an office building take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park at a parking lot that is a few blocks away from work, this will give you a healthy excuse to walk. On nice days have lunch outside, there is nothing like fresh air to clear your head.

Go for a walk after supper instead of sitting in front of the boob tube.

Home activities like walking the dog, raking, pushing a lawn mower or gardening counts as exercise.

As the saying goes “a body in motion stays in motion”. So get up and move!

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