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A Healthier Tomorrow Starts Today!  What Are You Weighting For?

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Q: What is the difference between a Dietician and a Nutritionist?

A: Dieticians base their recommendations on the Canada Food Guide. Nutritionists regard each client as bio-chemically unique. This is very important when designing a POA (plan of action). Programs are customized to an individuals needs and are unique to that person. No two individuals are the same so why implement a program based on a one size fits all approach.

Q: What is a Wellness, Lifestyle and Health Coach and can they develop and implement a weight management program?

A: No! They do not possess the necessary education to implement meal plans or supplements. Coaches can however help manage stress, help build self confidence, provide nutritional advice, help work towards career goals, help change unwanted or risky behaviors or implement changes in ones lifestyle. Only a registered nutritionist can develop and implement a weight management programs.

Q: What happens during my first consultation?

A: Typically a series of questions will be asked to determine the needs of the client. Then a POA (plan of action) will be set in place to allow the client to reach there weight management, wellness and/or nutrition goals. Once a plan or program is implemented, follow up appointments will be necessary to monitor progress.

Q: How many consults will I require after the initial consultation?

A: That depends on the needs of the client. However, the recommendation is a minimum of three.

Q: Are your services covered by  insurance company?

A: Unfortunately only a few insurance companies cover holistic or  alternative forms of medicine. It would be best to contact you insurer to verify coverage. However, my services are tax deductible.

Q: Will I be hungry on your weight management programs?

A: The success of my programs are not based on starvation. While I lost 50 pounds I never found myself to be hungry or craving certain foods. In fact  I ate more throughout the day than I did on any other weight management program.

Q: Are the results guaranteed on your weight management program?

A: The success and/or failure of this program is based upon many factors including but not limited to the participation of the participant, the willingness of the participant to adhere to the program in its entirety, overall health of the participant, age, gender, heredity and or genetic factors of the participant, the use of certain prescription drugs by the participant, etc…

Q: Do you offer weight management, wellness and/or nutrition services to those under the age of eighteen?

A: Yes! However I would require a consent form signed by the parent or legal guardian.

Q: Can you give medical advice?

A:  Absolutely Not! The services provided by a Registered Nutritional Therapist are at all times restricted to the consultation on the subject of nutritional matters intended for general nutritional well-being and do not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of any disease or any licensed or controlled act which may constitute the practice of medicine.

Q: What Is a Culinary Nutritionist?

A: A chef that is qualified or registered as a nutritionist


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A Healthier Tomorrow Starts Today!  What Are You Weighting For?