What Is A Registered Nutritionist And How Can They Help Me!

No two individuals are created equal. Therefore, a Nutrition Consultant considers everyone as bio-chemically unique and uses food and lifestyle management as well as necessary supplements to correct imbalances and create a state of well being.

Nutrition can be defined as the process of providing or obtaining necessary nutrients for health and growth. Every cell in the body needs nutrients to survive.

Receiving specific nutrients such as oxygen, water, fiber, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and  enzymes will help the body to grow and thrive. It is believed that we need a certain balance of these nutrients to help our bodies reach maximum energy levels and overall physical and emotional health.

Emphasis is placed on environment, emotions, values, and physical symptoms. You can learn to live a healthier and more fulfilled life while choosing healthy and nutritionally dense foods to maintain optimum health. Proper nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle can improve many symptoms, increase wellness and reduce disease.

As A Registered Nutritionist I Can Help You:

- Increase vitality

- Rejuvenate energy

- Increase immunity

- Correct imbalances

- Understand food labels

- Manage food allergies and sensitivities

- Make sense of your relationship with food

- Change the way you think and feel about food

- Manage weight loss, weight gain and/or weight management programs

I can:

- prepare and implement a meal plans

- prepare and implement supplement programs

Those That Can Benefit From My Knowledge And Expertise

• Young or Old • Couch Potato or Athlete • Anybody Wanting to Achieve a Balance in their Lives • Anybody Wanting to Learn More About their Relationship with Food

Through private one on one coaching sessions I can show you that food does not have to be just another four letter word!

Always consult your family physician before starting any program involving Weight Loss and/or Weight Management, changes in Wellness, Nutrition, the use of Nutritional Supplementation or any other modality provided within.